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FarmRight is a legally registered Agribusiness entity established and operating under the laws of Ghana  since  2017.  The  company  has  over  the  years  focused  its  objectives  on  assisting  and supporting farmers and other stakeholders who are into farming or want to invest or contribute to farming to ensure food security and improved economic conditions. Our client base also includes all  others  who  play  a  role  in  the  agriculture  value  chain  in  diverse  ways.  FarmRight  offers customized or tailor-made solutions to address the many and  very important  challenges in the agriculture value chain. The company currently directly employs  more than  30 youth  with a strong potential to scale up to hundreds and thousands over the coming years.


We describe our FarmRight team as professional problem-solvers. FarmRight offers tailor-made support and solutions to clients to ensure their farming business or enterprise is running as efficiently and effectively as possible for profit maximization and sustainability. Clients and/or partners may include, but not limited to:


  • Farmers
  • Landowners (Individuals, family, government, other groups)
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Corporate individuals and organizations
  • Public bodies (Farmer Groups and Cooperatives, Corporate bodies, schools, churches and other religious bodies, etc)
  • Other agro-based businesses in manufacturing and services
  • Anyone interested in starting a farm or agricultural business



To provide world-class innovative technical agricultural solutions to clients for agricultural development, poverty reduction and sustainability

Reducing farm drudgery, improving productivity and sustainability and creating employment, by providing tailor-made, innovative agro technological services at a competitive and affordable cost to clients.

Our Objectives

The  overall impact of FarmRight  is that meaningful jobs are created,  for  clients  to  have easy  access to innovative and deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, in order to maximize their profits. This is ensured through the following objectives;

  1. To establish and develop a modern, sustainable business to provide quality and innovative farm solutions to clients at affordable and competitive prices
  2. Introduce modern  and innovative technologies  to  assist farmers and  reduce drudgery  in farming business
  3. Provide employment for not less than 1,500 male and female youth in the next 5 years
  4. Increase productivity of farmers and other clients by 50% to more than 300% over tailored periods and promote access to premium markets
  5. Make farming attractive to the youth, working class, corporate bodies and other investors
  6. Attract foreign direct investments to expand the Agricultural Sector
  7. Contribute  to  complete  elimination  of  Child  Labour  on  clients’  plantations  as  well  as environmental protection and sustainability through the triple-bottom-line approach





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No. 1 Afia Afranie Road

Kumasi, Ghana


Reducing farm drudgery, improving productivity and sustainability and creating employment, by providing innovative agro-technological services at a competitive and affordable cost to clients

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