About FarmRight

FarmRight Agric Consult is a company which is established with highly competent and technically experienced professionals, consultants and advisers, with the aim of reducing farm drudgery, improving productivity and sustainability and creating employment by providing innovative agro technological services at a competitive and affordable cost to clients.


To provide world-class innovative technical agricultural solutions to clients for agricultural development, poverty reduction and sustainability


Üyelik Tipini Seçerek Kayıt Olun

For effective and efficient customer-oriented services, FarmRight services and advisory work is principally packaged into two distinct but interrelated areas

Technical Solutions: providing specialist advice on agronomy, Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and other technical applications.

Involving business planning, personnel management and estate and financial management advice for agricultural businesses and farms

Undertaking administrative duties, managing budgets and accounts, updating information and preparing reports

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Why FarmRight?

The FarmRight Approach is one that combines modern technology with decent and productive employment generation as a solution to the myriad of challenges that militate against agriculture development in Ghana, Africa and beyond


Average age of farmer


Extension agent to farmer ratio


of the country's work force

<1000 Year

Trained in business skills